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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Takaful International goes online

MANAMA: Bahrain-based Takaful International, the pioneering takaful company in the region, on Sunday embarked on a new journey by introducing first of its kind service in Bahrain called e-takaful.

Being the first takaful company to offer on-line services at its portal www.etakaful.bh will immediately benefit both individual and corporate clients.

Announcing the innovative step, Essam Al-Ansari, general manager, during a press conference held at Takaful House in Seef District, said the company would continue to lead the way in takaful segment.

“We are just days away to kick start company’s branch operations in Doha, thanks to the company’s leadership and vision of the management to reach out all potential markets in the GCC,” Al-Ansari said.

“Everything is put in place for Doha operations and we just awaiting the license to open the first-ever Takaful International’s branch outside Bahrain,” he added.

“We have noticed the markets need for technologically advanced services that provides an effective, safe and easy insurance service process,” said Al-Ansari, who was joined by A. Aziz Al-Othman, deputy general manager and Ali Ebrahim M. Noor, deputy general manager family Takaful, healthcare and Takaful centers.

“The company continues to innovate and improve all its insurance products and services in order to ease all procedures for customers and keep pace with the current era” he added.

Abdul Aziz Al-Othman, deputy general manager of the company, said that the clients can obtain quotations for various services such as car, travel, home, domestic and marine insurance and other insurance services.

“It is also possible to obtain the documents electronically for renewal of all policies; with the possibility of reporting of claims as well as customer suggestions are welcome. Further features allow review of policies and claims and for updating personal data,” he added.

In addition, the customers can retrieve policy quotes in few minutes, by filling the form of the insurance service, and paying the premium through a protected Web page; after completing the form all data will be sent and the policy will be delivered to the insured in no time by express mail service (private) in any place within Bahrain.

“The Kingdom of Bahrain is at the top of the ladder of in terms of Internet penetration in the Middle East and the study indicates that percentage of Internet users have exceeded 32 per cent which is around 435,000 users. We strive to continue to provide the best services to our customers and this website is developed to serve them promptly and effectively, in addition to saving time and effort,” he added.

“As a lot of salvage coming out in many areas of takaful services, the customers can also benefit from out e-bidding portal by using online services and get the information of bidding even through SMS,” added Ali Ebrahim Noor.

Takaful International Company founded in 1989 offers variety of insurance coverage which is in line with the foundations of the Shariah and meets the requirements of this age. The company has received BBB rating with a long-term stable outlook from the Standard & Poor’s.

Courtesy by: Arab News

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