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Friday, January 28, 2011

Islamic banking, shariah compliance hallmark in business: Naved Khan

KARACHI - With the highly encouraging response world-wide in Islamic Banking, Faysal Bank has the history to be one of distinguished institutions having Sharia compliant banking and it has received tremendous response from the investors, depositors and businessmen taking interest in the specially designed “window on Islamic Banking” of the bank.

In an interview with Naved A. Khan, President and Chief Executive Officer of Faysal Bank with The Daily Mail, he explained the strategic growth and development of Islamic banking with Faysal Bank Ltd in Pakistan. Now the Faysal Bank with acquisition of RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) its operations and financial strength has further improved.

Faysal Bank Limited and its key stake holders have history in Islamic Finance that leads to committed entry in Islamic Banking in Pakistan with its brand Faysal Barkat Islamic Banking. Barkat Islamic Banking will be one of the key areas of focused growth in the next 5 years for Faysal Bank Limited. We are fully engaged and committed in development of Islamic Banking in Pakistan with a dedicated division having its own product group and distribution set-up equipped with well trained human capital, supervised by Shariah Advisor and supported by Shariah Consultant to ensure Shariah Compliant business in line with vision and directives of State Bank of Pakistan.

Naved A. Khan, President of Faysal Bank said, Islamic Banking Business (IBB) has proven its potential globally as well as in Pakistan. There are huge growth opportunities in Pakistan. Over the past decade, Islamic banking has grown at double digit rate resulting in 6% share in the total banking industry. The following are the key drivers of growth:

Large Islamic Population: Pakistan comprises of over 95% Muslim population; hence the significance of having a foothold in such a huge target audience cannot be ignored. The large Muslim population and the strong faith towards religion will keep on fuelling Islamic banking growth in double digits. We could expect Islamic Banking business in Pakistan to capture 25 -30% market share in this decade.

Spiritual Attraction: Besides the economic factors, the emergence of Islamic finance is related to revival of Islam and desire of Muslims to live all aspects of their lives in accordance with the teachings of Islamic law or Shariah.

Government & Regulatory Support: Government and SBP have been supportive of the development of a strong Islamic financial sector alongside conventional banking system.

Increase in the distribution outlets of existing Islamic financial institutions and the entrance of conventional banks in this business is clear indication that Islamic Banking will keep on growing in line with SBP 2012 vision.

Faysal Bank has launched its Islamic banking in September 2009 with first branch in Karachi under the brand of Barkat Islamic Banking.

Total number of dedicated Islamic banking branches is 13 covering 6 cities across Pakistan. Acquisition of RBS has complemented growth of Islamic banking business at FBL. Within a short span of one year Barkat Islamic banking has captured a sizeable number of customers by offering major Islamic banking products and services. Faysal Bank has always been customer centric and has provided products and solutions which are tailor made to address its target market. Our focus and challenge has always been to exceed the expectations of our existing and potential customers consistently. Barkat Islamic Banking will continue this with further growth in distribution and product lines.

Conventional banking is in business for over 3 centuries. They have clear edge over systems, infrastructure, experienced human resource and vintage. Simultaneously, key challenges that Islamic Banking faces like Shariah interpretations, scarcity of Shariah experts, greater time required in product development and execution, short-term liquidity & risk management typical of an evolving industry.

However, Islamic banking institutions in Pakistan as well as in other parts of the world have introduced new and advanced Islamic products and structures which are at par with conventional banking business; whilst full fill the financial solutions of its customers. Sukuks on Ijarah and Diminishing Musharakah financial models are being used to replace TFCs and bonds and are receiving very good response from the market. Government of Pakistan has introduced billions of rupees of Sukkuks in recent months that have been oversubscribed.

Courtesy By: pakistan daily Mail

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