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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

71 percent participants appreciate Islamic banking: survey

In the first national survey on Islamic banking and Takaful, conducted in 85 cities of Pakistan, 71 percent of the participants appreciated it. A spokesperson of AlHuda Centre of Islamic Banking and Economics (CIBE ),on Monday, revealed that they conducted the first national survey on Islamic banking and Takaful to analyse the trends, problems, opportunities and challenges of Islamic banking and the Takaful Industry.

The survey was started on April 15 and closed on May 15, covering 85 cities, including Peshawar, Quetta, Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Azad Kashmir and many other small cities of Pakistan. The target audience of the survey was the Chamber of Commerce, Business and Trade associations, Universities and professional institutions like the ICMAP, ICAP, etc. This is the first-ever survey in Pakistan for preparing effective strategies concerning trends about Islamic banking and Takaful.

In this survey, 71 percent of the participants appreciated Islamic banking and Takaful. 13 percent, thought it to be the same as conventional banking and insurance, while 16 percent did not give an opinion from ignorance about Islamic banking. 41 percent admitted that Islamic banking services are available in their region, while 59 percent denied that Islamic financial institutions existed in their regions.

It was also revealed that only 11 percent availed the benefits of Islamic banking benefits, while 89 percent had their account in conventional banks. When conventional account holders were asked, they replied that they 'would favour Islamic banking if they were offered the same facilities,' 63 percent said 'yes' and 31 percent said 'no', while six percent remained neutral.

When Islamic banks account holders were asked about the products for financing, 38 percent named Ijarah, 34 percent Diminishing Musharkah and Murabah, while the rest mentioned other products.

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  1. Yes I know a bit about Takaful , as per the islamic law : Interest is not accepted. So takaful banned the Interest and put it mostly as he profit benefit.