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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Badr Al Islami announces first Takaful Savings & Investment Programme

Badr Al Islami has announced the launch of Badr Takaful Savings & Investment Programme, the sharia'h compliant savings and protection scheme, available for the first time to Badr Al Islami and Mashreq.

The new scheme addresses the financial needs of customers looking for sharia'h compliant long term savings or investment plans, such as child education fees planning and retirement planning, with takaful benefits. Customers have the choice to build up their savings by either contributing on a regular basis or as a lumpsum amount, which then gets invested into some of the world's best performing Sharia'h compliant funds.

The programme also provides Takaful benefits, ensuring that savings and investments goals are achieved, even in the event of loss of life of the customer. Customers can choose to protect 60% or 100% of their intention. The product is completely Sharia'h compliant and is approved by the Shariah Board, headed by Sheikh Abdalla Ben Suliman Al-Manei, Chairman of the Shariah Board of Badr Al Islami.

Mubashar Khokhar, CEO of Badr Al Islami said: "Badr Takaful Savings & Investment Programme is an innovative product, bridging the gap of sharia'h compliant solutions in the bancassurance department's product offerings. With the established foundations of Mashreq and the specialized expertise of Badr Al Islami this new scheme allows us to reach out to even more customers who are looking for the most convenient way to save for their needs in future."

In line with other products and services offered through Mashreq and Badr Islami, the scheme is both convenient and affordable. Customers can begin by contributing with a minimal amount of AED 500 per month, and can be obtain policy documents over the counter at Mashreq branches.


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